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What to Bring

What to Bring on "Fisher of Men"

  • Pennsylvania Fishing Licence - Make sure you have the Combo Stamp  which includes a Trout Stamp and Lake Erie Stamp.  Make sure you have a license holder which openly displays the licence   (check out Licence fees)

  • Hat -  It is best to have a hat with a broad brim because on sunny days of the water there is plenty of UV rays.  A baseball hat is pretty good.

  • Sunglasses - The glare on the water from the sun has caused many a headache.

  • Sunscreen with at least 25 SPF rating.  You get double rays from the sun on Lake Erie

  • Bug spray with some Deet in it.  There are some nasty biting flies up there

  • Something to drink - Most people bring a small cooler with water, soft drinks, etc.   It is important to drink liquids through out the day not to get dehydrated.  

  • Something to eat - If the weather is good, we maybe out several hours.  You may miss a meal or two.  Recommend you do not bring too many sweets.  You might bring snack foods such as pretzels, chips, crackers, etc.  Some people bring a sandwich or two.

  • Clothing - When it is hot, you might want to wear summer short or a bathing suit under your jeans.  In the spring and fall you might need to bring a jacket, a pull over hat and even gloves.

  • Rain jacket if there is a prediction of showers.  Sometimes it is good to bring this along just in case.

  • Camera - You might want to take pictures in the boat and definitely after we get off the boat.

  • Money - If you ride with me up to the Lake, I stop at a fast food place on the way home.  You may also want to have your catch fileted and bagged.

  • Rod and Reel - Only for Perch fishing will you need to bring a rod and reel.  It should be spooled with light line 6-8 lb clear monofilament.   Put a snap swivel on the end.  I have all the perch rigs and weights.  A shorter light rod is better (5-6 ft).

  • Cooler to take your fish home -  The Fisher of Men has a large enough cooler to store all the fish we catch while on the boat.  Leave your cooler in your vehicle.  When we are done fishing, we will load your fish from the boat cooler into yours.

  • Dramamine - We usually do not go out if the Lake is really rough.  But even a few light waves can effect certain people. The best way to keep from getting sick is to "keep your eyes on the horizon" at all times.  Even when working on a fishing pole, taking a fish off a line, keep your eyes on the horizon enables your body to keep its equilibrium.  If you have a history of seasickness you might consider taking Dramamine one hour before getting on the boat.  Always consult your physician as to taking any medicines (even over the counter medicines).  Make sure Dramamine will not have any adverse effect with other medicines you might be taking.  The generic name for Dramamine is dimenhydrinate.  

What not to bring on the "Fisher of Men"

  • Do not bring tackle or tackle Box - Though the Fisher of Men is 22 ft, it gets crowded.  I have all the tackle we will use on the boat.  Too many hooks, too many plugs, too many boxes makes for a very unsafe trip.

  • No alcoholic drinks are allowed on the boat.

  • No boom boxes or loud music boxes. - spooks the fish.

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